Scrapenser Flip £2900

Introduced in 2021 to cater for the flip-over Scraper market

With Ian Cleasby Agriculture’s Scrapenser, now you can spread sawdust in to your cubicles while you scrape out!

Time Saving – bedding your cubicles will no longer be a job! Bedding is carried out while scraping beside the cubicle area or on a return trip with the scraper lifted, which can also be used to increase the percentage of bedding reaching the front of the cubicles.

Fuel Saving – The less time you spend operating machinery means less fuel and less wear and tear on machines, as well as more time away from work.

Free up the materials handler – if you already have a sawdust dispenser, that means you also have a tractor or materials handler which could be doing something else or could even be sold.

Better for your dairy cattle – In on farm tests it has been evident that the one pass nature of the system means that cows can be returned to their cubicles quicker giving more rest time. Meaning more production and less husbandry problems. If you normally scrape out two times per day, that means you will be able to make two easy passes with the bedder every day. This results in using sawdust more efficiently as well as ensuring your cows are kept cleaner, returning to lie on fresh sawdust after each milking.

Easy adoption – Scrapenser can go into all the places you can go with your standard scraper, so no need to alter buildings, machines or routines. With present owners reporting huge benefits to milking time routines due to operators returning to milking duty quicker than expected

Large Hopper size – The unique patented design of Scrapenser’s hopper means it holds enough material to easily bed up to 150 cubicles between fill ups, and with hopper extensions being an easy bolt on extra to pre-drilled holes Scrapenser can cater for any size herd 

Full control of bedding speeds – with a hydraulic motor directly driving the toothed belt as well as an adjustable control plate, tractor forward speed, and great view of the contents of the hopper, you will have complete control over how much material you use.

Reliability – Few Moving Parts – one belt, one motor (no chains, no drive belts, no gear boxes) and one hopper and a 4mm thick steel chassis. High quality parts with high quality design ensures parts reliability and long life with high trade-in values.

Retro Fit – If you already have a scraper then you are halfway there, your Scrapenser can be pre-drilled to suit your existing scraper. Only one double acting spool required for the “Flip” version and two double acting spools for the “Box” version, while we can also supply Box versions with electric solenoid diverts to suit single spool tractors

Current sizes ranging from 5′ to 8′, but we are happy to make any bespoke length to suit your current or new scraper.

Healthy Operators – no more walking through a cloud of fine dust while you shovel sawdust over the next cubicles. Close up the cab and enjoy the radio. If you don’t have a sealed cab then the dust is still minimised as you are driving away from the sawdust all the time you are spreading.

Low level Hopper – Scrapenser’s unique tipping hopper design means better visibility over Scrapenser while still bedding up to 150 cubicles in one trip (hopper extensions are available to take capacity to any level).

Extra Protection – Rubber sheeting covers behind tractor wheels means no build up of slurry on the front of Scrapenser ensuring a long life for the motor, hydraulic pipework and steel chassis

Patent granted 2022 – Our exclusive design means you can have it in any colour you want, so long as it’s Marine Blue

Multi-function – Even in the summer months we know of Scrapensers being used to feed meal and concentrates to stock outside, dispensed onto the ground, a truly versatile machine